Selling its products all over the world, Endemix leverages its expertise in regulations for helping its clients in this area.

We are ready, willing and able to help you with all sorts of complex compliance issues when it comes to natural colors.  


Final product know how is key to value proposition of Endemix products. Working side by side with clients, Endemix team gets involved much more than just offering a product. We help to resolve all sorts of challenges during an innovative project.  Endemix offers a product only after verifying in its own labs that the color is suitable for that application. Stability test results for most of our colors applied to basic food products are available upon request. 



Color is a vital part of food products, especially for beverage and confectionary.  

Endemix team collaborates with its clients in coming up with the right concepts for the upcoming trends. While doing this we take ownership of the tough and long process of launching a new product.